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Hiking Sticker: "Sage"

Hiking Sticker: "Sage"

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  • "My younger sister and I hiked the PCT southbound in 2019. We walked together from Canada to Mexico, 2650 miles on the most influential and magical adventure of our lives. We became Junco and Sage, the SoBo Sisters, and that experience means everything to us. Coming off trail we both were hit pretty hard with post trail depression, a common experience for a lot of thru hikers. Returning to the monotony and stress of the "real world", especially one suffering through a global pandemic, was really hard. I commissioned this piece with Alina as a gift to my sister to bring some beauty and happiness into her life. I wanted to remind her that all the experiences and the magic of the trail were not separate from her but a part of her now, and no matter how far from thru hiking life might take her, that would always be true. Every single detail in this piece reflects a meaningful memory from our hike. When I look at it I can feel my sister's beautiful spirit, and am reminded of what makes the PCT so very special."

  • 2.4" x 5" inches

  • 2-4 year weatherproof withstanding everything from sunny days to the harshest of weather. Durable for cars, dishwashers, and anything else you could think of.

  • Please note that the item will arrive in a regular stamped envelope without tracking.

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