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Hiking Sticker: "Maine Hiker"

Hiking Sticker: "Maine Hiker"

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All my designs start as paintings that tell the stories of real people's adventures in nature. This particular design is inspired by an Appalachian Trail thru hiker's journey in the 100 Mile Wilderness of Maine - the most remote section of the whole 2,190 mile Appalachian Trail. Look close to see all the vibrant flora and fauna of Maine - such as wildflowers, moose, bears, loons, and rolling green hills.

2.7" x 4.9" inches

All my designs are:
🎨 Originally hand painted NOT graphically designed
📖 Visually tell the stories of real people’s adventures in nature
💪 Durable vinyl material
☀️ UV-resistant
🌧️ Weatherproof

💫 Put them everywhere: these stickers are perfect for cars, water bottles, trekking poles, laptops, journals, scrapbooks, bear canisters, mugs, helmets, ect. - truly infinite placement opportunities ☺️

💌 All stickers are sent in a recycled envelope via stamped mail

Revive your souls with groovy adventure-packed stickers! Check out the rest of my designs here.

📦 For wholesale orders and custom paintings please reach out for pricing details!

Thank you for supporting my small business and helping me keep creating 💕🎨

Happy Trails!
-Alina Drufovka @Abstract.Hikes

Painted by: © Alina Drufovka

More about the person behind the design:

"​​I had been looking forward to Franconia Ridge ever since I saw it in pictures. The photos showed a trail traversing from mountaintop to mountaintop like something out of a movie. This is how I imagined the White Mountains: as an epic hike above the clouds with the whole world far below. Fast forward 1,700 miles on the Appalachian Trail and I finally reached Franconia Ridge only to find myself enshrouded in a fog. This was not the moment I had been waiting for. I grumpily hiked above treeline with no views to reward my endeavor. Enveloped in mist, I decided to make the most of my misfortune and use the clouds to my advantage. Setting my phone on a timer, I snapped a self-portrait against the white backdrop. This photo ended up as of my favorites from my AT thru-hike." -Danny Strayer

Follow Danny's adventures on his website.

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